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Thank you to our SuperStars.

While we can’t gather together this year these Super Stars will help the Bitterroot Performing Arts weather this storm.

Mandy Barnings

Archie Thomas & Mary Schrumpf

Allegra Print & Imaging

Nanette Seltzer

Andrew & Louise Massie

Gordon Maus & Quinty Smith

Diane Davis

Steve Mandala

Maria Nieto

Bobbie & Shirley McKibbin

Terry & Jerry Hinman

Don & Joan Lodmell

Jan Driscoll

Joan Cartal & Ian Purse

Pat Murphy

Jacqueline Locke

Jan & Alan Abel

Janet & Warren Webber

Byron & Mary Williams

Mary & Terry Hammerschmidt

Dave & Carole Mackie

Bob & Jane Cron

Helen Gurtner

Tori Nobles

Stephen & Gail Goheen

Marshall & Tonia Bloom

Sarah Southwell

Judy & Rich Morrisey

Frank Pelfrey

Mel & Mary Alice Holloway

Bill & Becky Peters

Joyce Pando

Ben & Rachael Watters

Cory Keith

Peggy Tonon & Warren Neyenhuis

Paul & Sonny Stone

Katy Bosio

Chris & Addy Porter

Bob & Peggy Ratcheson

Kathy & Ron Messer

Laura Merrill

Paul Policastro & Patti Rosa

Sandy Herrick

Richard & Lynn Thurber