Donations are Tax Deductible

The Bitterroot Performing Arts Council can achieve its goals only with the generous support of our community members. Your gifts make it possible for us to continue bringing world class performances and educational outreach to this community.


Our programs are designed to enrich our entire community, and we strive to keep our events as affordable as possible. Ticket sales alone cannot completely cover the cost of producing our programs, and, in fact, cover only about one half of the total cost.

Vibrant performing arts programs make the Bitterroot Valley a desirable place to live, work, and visit, and are immensely valuable for all businesses and people residing here. Please take a moment to consider the importance of our organization and the impact it has on our community, and recognize it with your support.


Thank you for your generosity!



You can also use stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to support our mission. You may be able to receive a tax deduction for the full market value of the security, while avoiding capital gains taxes on its increase in value. Contact us today or have your broker contact us for information about transferring securities to us.



Many of our supporters take the standard deduction on their federal tax returns and do not itemize deductions.  Even if you do not itemize, if you are age 70½ or older, you may be able to make tax-free donations from your IRA directly to a qualifying charity, such as the Bitterroot Performing Arts Council.


A “Qualified Charitable Distribution” (QCD) may also be able to satisfy some or all of your annual Required Minimum Distribution without it being counted as taxable income. A distribution from your IRA is an easy, tax-free way to make a gift that helps the Bitterroot Performing Arts Council bring amazing performing arts to the Bitterroot Valley. Consult with your tax adviser or other financial professional today to determine whether a QCD could benefit you.



A gift from your estate is a simple and effective way to help the Bitterroot Performing Arts Council carry on its mission. Whether it’s remembering the Bitterroot Performing Arts Council in your will, or naming the BPAC as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance, or other financial asset, a bequest like this is a simple way to ensure the continuation of vibrant performing arts in the Bitterroot Valley.


If you have taken one of these steps to help us sustain our mission now and into the future, please let us know so that we can acknowledge your gift. Some distribution methods do not always tell us from whom we’ve received this type of gift.

Important information to share with your financial planner:

The Bitterroot Performing Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) charity, EIN 27-0273010.


Legal Name & Address:

Performing Arts Company Inc (dba Bitterroot Performing Arts Council)
127 W. Main St, Suite 108, Hamilton, MT 59840



The contents found on this page is general in nature and is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It should not be relied upon as legal, tax, accounting, or other professional advice. To determine how a gift or estate planning decision might affect your particular circumstances, you should consult an attorney, financial advisor, or other qualified professional.

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We are proud of our Charity Navigator four (out of four) star rating. You can give with confidence that we will put your gift to efficient use in carrying out our mission.